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Use Case 18


The database development team has decided to treat every section of a course as a separate course. However, this will pose challenges - especially to large courses with multiple sections, where each section completes the same assessments. Faculty need a way to easily indicate multiple sections are using the same assessment and to streamline data upload for those multiple sections.


    • Assessments are in the database.
    • ???

Basic Course of Events

    • Faculty member registers 2 or more sections of a course. Each section is treated as a course.
    • Faculty member uploads the assessments and data/metadata for Course 1 (Section 1).
    • Faculty member indicates (Database development team: How??) that Course 2 ... Course n (Section 2 through n) use the same assessments as Course 1. S/he also indicates the data and metadata structure are the same for Course 2 through n.

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