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Use Case 8


  • The acceptance of a submission to the database rests on the faculty member uploading a minimum amount of metadata.
  • These minimum metadata standards are meant to maximize the utility of the data while minimizing faculty workload in uploading data to the database.
  • There will be two sets of minimum metadata: the absolute minimum metadata is required to upload to the database under 'private' conditions; the second minimum takes effect when a user wishes to make their data public.


  • The database must separate private and public data.
  • There must be a check on data/metadata when a faculty member chooses to 'publish' their data to the public database.

Basic Course of Events

  • Faculty member uploads assessments, student response data and metadata to the database.
  • Faculty member decides to make these data for this particular assessment public.
  • Before these data will be accepted into the public database, the database will check for compliance of minimum metadata.
  • If found to be lacking, the faculty member will be prompted as to the deficiencies in the data and given an opportunity to add additional, appropriate metadata.

  • Absolute Minimum Metadata:
    • Institution name -- related to security issues, this information can be obscured (by whom? The user of the database?)
    • Instructor name -- related to security issues, this information can be obscured (by whom? The user or the database?)
    • Course number
    • Section number
    • Year
    • Semester or term
    • Assessment name

  • Additional Minimum Metadata for the Public Portion of the Database:
    • Course name
    • Course contact hours
    • Discipline
    • Type of course
    • Types of students
    • Is this a teacher education class?
    • Number of enrolled students
    • Course categorization
    • Was this assessment part of a published or otherwise copyrighted resource?
    • Assign a specific concept to each assessment item

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