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Use Case 12


This database has the potential to become quite large. Users will need a simple interface to indicate those assessment items (from multiple assessments) that they would like returned. The format of the returned items must also be straight-forward for the typical faculty member to use.


    • Assessments have been uploaded and parsed into the database.
    • Assessments can be queried.

Basic course of events

    • Faculty member has queried the database on lateral gene transfer.
    • The database returns hundreds of assessment items.
    • Presentation of those hundreds of items: Perhaps Web of Science could be used as a model. There is a check box to the left of the item (the item title is returned. In this instance, the question or a truncated, 2-line version of the question could be returned). Ten to twenty items returned per page. User can check those items s/he is interested in, which are placed in a basket. When user is done/tired of browsing through the hundreds of responses, s/he clicks on their saved list and has the option of downloading the information in one of multiple ways (saving to a file, printing or e-mailing).
    • Format of returned items: This is beyond me - database development team, what are your thoughts?

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