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Use Case 16


    • Faculty members will frequently store student response data in an excel worksheet, where:
      • Column one is student name or id
      • Column two is student response data to assessment item 1
      • Column three is student response data to assessment item 2
      • Etc.
      • There may be an additional set of columns indicating student score on a particular assessment item or on the assessment as a whole.
    • The database must make it simple and straightforward for a faculty member to import this data.


    • The database can import excel spreadsheets.
    • On import, there is a simple way for faculty to identify the content of each column.

Basic Course of Events

    • Faculty member would like to upload student response data from an assessment.
    • S/he has uploaded the assessment questions (and they've been parsed).
    • S/he now uploads the excel spreadsheet of student data associated with the assessment.
    • S/he is prompted to identify the contents of each column (perhaps given a few choices: student id, student response, student score, etc)

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