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Functional Requirements

This list will likely grow as the project progresses. Where applicable, reference has been made to our bugzilla entries. Importance rankings should be on a 3 point scale: 1=MUST, 2=SHOULD, 3=NICE

CategoryUse caseImportanceBugzilla
Data downloadDownload single assessment response dataset with selected metadata1
Data downloadDownload multiple assessment response datasets with selected metadata1
ClassificationClassify assessment items using a constrained vocabulary1
ClassificationTag assessments and assessment items with user-defined keywords1
ClassificationAnnotate specific metadata fields in assessments and assessment items1
SearchingStore saved searches for user3

DRAFT Functional Requirements (for online search interface)

The following requirements were gathered from the UseCases spreadsheet that our team has been circulating amongst it's members. There is quite a bit of overlap in terms of the functionality that is required to provide a solution for each question, but some of them do present additional programming requirements as noted below.


  1. Upload spreadsheets of question scores
  2. Upload spreadsheets of exam grades
  3. Upload spreadsheets of course grades
  4. Select questions from search results to use for downloading data
  5. Select assessments from search results to use for downloading data
  6. Select courses from search results to use for downloading data


  1. Upload demographic data (tabular format w/ each row as individual student assumed)
  2. Upload standardized test (ACT/SAT/AP) scores


  1. Upload clicker questions (same as assessmentItem import?)


  1. Upload spreadsheets containing number of attempts for each assessmentItem


  1. Search by Bloom's level (assessmentItem metadata search - likely part of a more generic requirement)


  1. Include Carnegie Classification (institution size, type) in assessment metadata


  1. Allow for content categorization that expresses is-not relationships for common misconceptions. (Evolution and intelligent design are related, but are not synonyms.)


  1. Search for assessments based on course size


  1. Search for metadata by course (rather than assessment)
  2. Search for student performance data by course (rather than assessment)
  3. Aggregate student performance data by course

OTHER (derived from looking at the use cases)

  1. Join/Merge assessment response data records (tabular) with metadata records (xml)
  2. Join/Merge assessment response data records (tabular) with student demographic records (tabular)
  3. Join/Merge assessment response data records (tabular) with student standardized test (ACT/SAT/AP) scores (tabular)

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