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Usecase Classify Assessment Items

Classify Assessment Items


  • Use a pre-existing constrained vocabulary to classify assessment items based on their content


  • There exists an appropriate vocabulary (NBII thesaurus)
  • Assessment and assessment items have been entered into the system
  • User has appropriate access rights to edit the metadata

Basic Course of Events

  1. User selects the assessment item to classify (web vs. desktop app still TBD)
  2. User selects the vocabulary they would like to use ("NBII thesaurus")
  3. User selects the appropriate term from that vocabulary
    1. User would possibly interact with an additional UI to help locate an appropriate term.
    2. User will select narrowest applicable term such that detail is not lost ("natual selection" vs. "evolution")


  • This use case assumes content classification is being performed by the author/owner of the assessment item (user who uploaded it initially).
  • There should be another use case here that details how other users can tag assessment items such that they are not editing the original.

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