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Usecase Download Single Assessment

Download Single Assesssment data with selected metadata


When viewing an assessment, user will be able to select zero or more metadata attributes to be included in a downloaded CSV file of the student response data.


  • User has located desired assessment in the (web-based) repository and has selected (via checkbox) metadata attributes to be merged with response data
    • List of metadata attibutes that can be selected: (please revise as needed!!!)
      1. Question prompt
      2. Correct response
      3. Bloom level
      4. Keyword
      5. Category
      6. Year
      7. Term
      8. Course Name
      9. Instructor Name
      10. Target age group

  • User has appropriate access rights for the metadata (assumed by the fact that they located the metadata)
  • User has appropriate access rights for the data

Basic Course of Events

  1. User checks box near desired metadata fields (question prompt, bloom level, keyword, etc...)
  2. Clicks download csv button
  3. System merges student response data and selected metadata fields into single tabular data set that looks something like:
Midterm 111234A10understandingnatural selection......2007
Midterm 115678B0understandingnatural selection......2007
Midterm 121234c10knowledgeorganelle......2007


  • for metadata attributes that can have more than one value (keywords, for example):
    • each occurrence will be recorded in an additional column in the returned table
    • this can result in some sparse data if not all items have the same number of attribute values
    • example of 'keyword' column labeling looks like:

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