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Use Case 3


  • Assessment items will be tagged in multiple ways:
    • By an ontology (a hierarchical, disciplinary based scheme)
    • Bloom's data
    • Learning objective
    • Professional society stamp of approval (private taxonomy - not available to all users of the database)
    • A personal taxonomy, created by a faculty member


  • Assessment items have been uploaded and are available for tagging
  • Tagging schema that are commonly used are readily available and easy to use within the database (i.e., it's simple and straightforward to tag an assessment item with a Bloom's level)

Basic course of events

  • Faculty member uploads an assessment
  • Faculty tags each item on the assessment according to one or more tagging schemes

  • Faculty member is conducting research
  • In the course of searching the database, this faculty member tags a number of assessment items according to their personal taxonomy

  • Faculty member is conducting research
  • Faculty member re-tags a number of assessment items with a new Bloom's level (each assessment item had previously been tagged with a Bloom's level)

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