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Use Case 4


  • Assessment items submitted to the database should be tagged with discipline-specific concepts, as defined by the database. For biology, we have chosen to use the NBII Biocomplexity Thesaurus. Ontologies from other disciplines are pending.
  • Additions or changes to a discipline-specific ontology will be reflected in subsequent versions of the ontology/database. In other words, the ontology is generally not dynamic.


  • An ontology for a particular discipline has been chosen and incorporated into the database.

Basic Course of Events

  • Faculty member will upload an assessment.
  • Following parsing of the assessment, the faculty member will be prompted to indicate concepts associated with each assessment item. A pull-down menu might be appropriate (but it could be overly large).

  • Faculty member has an assessment item on a new topic in biology.
  • The current ontology does not provide an appropriate topic or concept for this assessment item.
  • Faculty member submits a suggested addition to the ontology to the database administration team.
  • The database administration team incorporates the suggestion into future versions of the ontology.

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