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Use Case 7

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+ !Summary
+ *It is vital that the database maintain the anonymity of students and, if they so choose, faculty and their institutions.
+ *Under no circumstances will identified data be returned in a query.
+ *Further, faculty must remove all identifying information in student responses - at this time, the database cannot take responsibility for de-identifying student responses.
+ !Preconditions
+ *The database must have a hashing algorithm.
+ !Basic Course of Events
+ *Faculty member will upload a spreadsheet with student response data and student identifiers.
+ *The faculty member will identify the column with student ids.
+ *The student ids will be hashed on upload.
+ *Future queries of this data will NOT return the hashed value. Instead, each student will be randomly assigned a number, which will vary on every query.
+ *Faculty member will upload student response data.
+ *Before final submittal of the data, the faculty member will have to verify (check a box at the end of a statement) that no identifying information about the student will be uploaded.

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