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Use Case 5

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+ !Summary
+ *Most faculty members associate their assessment with one rubric - a rubric to determine the rightness of a student answer. However, as researchers, a faculty member may associate multiple rubrics with a particular assessment item -- for example, a correctness rubric and a rubric to assess student use of models.
+ !Preconditions
+ *Database must be able to store multiple rubrics associated with a given assessment item. Database must also store multiple raters of those rubrics.
+ !Basic Course of Events
+ *Faculty member will upload an assessment and the associated rubric.
+ *Faculty member may instead upload an assessment item and the associated rubric.
+ *Faculty will then upload student responses and/or student response data.
+ *Faculty will upload a new rubric and student response data. Question for database development team: will a faculty member also upload the assessment or assessment item again?

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