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Use Case 13

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+ **Faculty member has an assessment in word format, ready for upload.
+ **Faculty member has a pdf, word document, some other format, of student responses, ready for upload.
+ **Faculty member logs into the database, identifies the course they wish to add the assessment to. S/he enters the required metadata associated with this assessment and then progresses to a menu asking them to locate the assessment to be uploaded.
+ **After (or at the same time?) uploading the assessment, the faculty member is prompted to locate the file or files with student response data to upload.
+ **The faculty member is asked if the student response data contains any open-ended responses (we will need to include a list of what these are). If s/he responds 'yes,' s/he must also agree that student responses have been read for identifying information and that all such information has been removed (see security or IRB/FERPA for further discussion).

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