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How to submit material to Stat-Sum?

Just click on the "add new..." tab and select the most appropriate format...

Registered users can submit proposals, which will be posted after a formal approval. Proposals consist of a title and the verbal description of the statistical problem. We suggest that these lay summaries should be short (less than 200 words), avoid technical jargon and emphasize the relevance for behavioral ecologists. Proposals can include key-words, references, external link and resource files (pdf or ppt files).

To upload a pdf or ppt, choose to add new file from the menu (this function does not work yet, so please just send your content to us in an e-mail attachment)

To point to another site, choose to add new link from the menu

To post a text material (e.g. list of references) only, choose to add page from the menu

If you have any problem, just send an e-mail with your proposed text and attachment to


Please, consult with previously posted materials concerning the format of your communication. It would be nice if we could follow some standards.


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