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The Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching (FIRST) project builds upon the results and innovations from FIRST II as one of the components of the NSF Cyclic Model for knowledge production and improvement of practice in undergraduate STEM education. We are constructing a database to support research on undergraduate STEM education. The database supports storing, searching and analyzing assessment data from undergraduate STEM courses. This database will facilitate both data-driven instructional decision making and research in science education. Our goals for this database are to:
  1. developing faculty expertise in assessing student learning; and,
  2. evaluating innovations based on analyses of these data.

We have partnered with the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) to build upon their database and metadata infrastructure for managing Ecological data. FIRST III is building upon existing metadata standards (e.g., Ecological Metadata Language, IMS, Dublin Core) to define an extensible Educational Metadata Language (EdML) for describing a wide variety of assessment data types and metadata about those assessments. This will allow assessments to be tagged based on taxonomies, standard psychometrics such as difficulty, discrimination, and other data to facilitate cross-study analyses.

We have begun the preliminary design work for the EdML and evaluation of EML, IMS and the NCEAS database tools to adapt them for our purposes. We continue to meet with the project metadata advisory committee to review draft documents and prepare the preliminary draft of the EdML standards.

We are using a large variety of assessment data collected at Michigan State University as part of the design specifications for developing both the Educational Metadata Language to describe the assessment data, and to test and evaluate the database backend and front-end tools we are building. We will incorporate the data from this proposed project, along with our other data sets, into this assessment database.

For more information, please contact:
Mark Urban-Lurain
Or view our poster, available for download, dissemination and review.

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